Name: Kazuma N. Kiryu

Birthday: May 7th

Education: Simon Fraser University – Communication and Publishing Student

Hobbies: Video gaming, Photography, Cosplaying, Food Adventure

Languages: English, Japanese, Cantonese

Residence: Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Greetings or should I say はじめまして (nice to meet you) from what you have read above the name is Kazuma. I am an Asian-Canadian born and raised in the beautiful British Columbia. My interests mainly consisting of Japanese cultures which range from import cars, animation, video games and food. There are a lot of other interests as well but the list is so long that I can’t list em all so there!

During these days I usually spend most of my time stressing out and chugging matcha green tea like there is no tomorrow. But whenever I am not hardcore studying and cramming to prepare for exams and completing assignments. You would usually see me walking around downtown Vancouver just trying to enjoy some urban madness. If not then I am probably enjoying some food down on Robson St., wasting loonies at a local game center (arcades), doing some street photography, attending conventions in cosplay under the name of Yakuza Fury Cosplay or if I don’t feel like going out at all enjoying some video games at home.

Other than that I am just your average joe trying to get through in life and not really knowing what to do with the rest of his life. I hope that through this blog, I can post all my adventures, interests and whatever comes out of my mind to hopefully find my path in life.

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