Premium Pocky – Trinity Orange Peel

Premium Pocky – Trinity Orange Peel

Next stop on the Premium Pocky review series I introduce to you, Trinity Orange Peel. The box has a very premium feel to it with gold etching on the Trinity brand. The box is beautifully designed showing the ingredients that were used along with the end result. Also, it contains 0.6% of orange peels.

This box is huge!
Gold letters equals premium 

On the back of the box shows the three keys to making this product. These include 1.) the signature pocky stick, 2.) the rich dark chocolate and lastly 3.) the orange peel. Of course, you wouldn’t see this in Canada unless you, of course, remove the sticker that the importers smacked onto the package. Also unlike the Champagne Pocky you get four packs so share it with friends!

The box is ruined!
O wait I fixed it!
More than just 7 sticks

Upon opening the wrap you can smell the strong essence of orange spew out into your nose upon opening it near your nose.

I can still smell it.

When taking a bite of it, the taste of the orange peel immediately invades your taste buds and it complements the chocolate and the Pocky wafer stick quite well. If you take another bite and have it slowly melt, the texture of the Pocky becomes obvious. Hidden in the chocolate is the orange peel and it gets stronger as the chocolate melts away. Definitely recommended to have standalone or complementing an alcoholic beverage that blends well with the taste of orange and chocolate.

Resisting to finish the whole box.

As usual, I would recommend this product if you can find it. Like the Champagne Pocky, I found it at Konbiniya Japan Centre located just down Robson St. It cannot be missed due to the giant Pocky box outside the convenient store.

Go get it!

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