Premium Pocky Review – Almond

Premium Pocky Review – Almond

Alright so I finally got all of my finals done, interviews completed and festivities has been done on my end and now that leaves us with one last review for the Premium Pocky series and that is the Almond pocky.

Why are all these boxes so pretty!

As usual, I would first by looking at the box and like the Orange Peel Pocky, it comes from the Trinity line of Glico’s premium line up. It features all the ingredients that was used to make the pocky which is of course, all comprised of almonds. As usual, the back of the box provides an explanation of what the pocky is made out of which comprises of the almond bits, white chocolate and the pocky itself. It comes in a pack of four making it real easy to share with friends.

Trust me the distributors put that nasty sticker on this box as well but I did remove it successfully.

Now onto the taste of the pocky, upon opening the pack of the pocky it does not give out a strong smell in fact, you have to put your nose real close to even smell the pocky. However upon taking a bite the taste dominates smell along with that, the texture from the almond bits complements well with the white chocolate which provides a fine synergy of taste and texture.

You can see the Almond bits!

I am not sure if this is available at Konbiniya down at Robson St. but if you do see this. I would suggest giving this a try and trust me, you will want to try it because it is very unique as Pocky doesn’t tend to make this kind on a regular basis.

Try it if you can!

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