Premium Pocky Review Series – Champagne Pocky

Premium Pocky Review Series – Champagne Pocky

To the bane of my existence, I had been very fond of Pocky since childhood. I had been through hard times and fun times and at the end of both those roads, Pocky is always there to remind me of all the struggles and fun I had been through at the end of the day. Every bite gives me a sense of relaxation due to my taste buds being bombed with its mesmerizing tastes.

Today I introduce to you one of three new flavors I had never tried before with two coming from the Trinity series and one being the most premium and most expensive of all Pocky’s I had ever tried known as champagne and today I will be reviewing champagne Pocky.

You importers ruined the box!

First of all, let’s take a look at the champagne flavored Pocky. The packaging is so shiny and long provides a sense of luxury and quality. The length of the box seems to represent the length of a champagne glass and since the product is imported. The box is ruined by the bloody importation sticker! Luckily I did carefully remove it restoring the box back to its glorious state.

Fixed it!

Given its premium status, each of the provided seven champagne sticks is wrapped individually and each of these sticks contains 0.1% of champagne content per stick. When I look at these individually wrapped packages. I view these as if they were those premium Cuban cigars I see behind the glass down at the Legacy Liquor Store near CRAFT Beer Market Vancouver in Olympic Village.

Individually wrapped cigars, meet individually wrapped expensive Pocky.

Upon opening the wrap there is a really strong smell of chocolate spewing out of the wrap. But of course, you can only smell this by closely smelling it upon opening the package. This is really surprising to me because upon closely smelling the thicker layer of chocolate, I can smell a hint of champagne coming from it. Now the next verdict is to take a bite and see how it tastes.

Pull here.
Bite here.

It tastes brilliant and definitely a fine mixture of chocolate, wafer, and champagne and is now officially my new favorite pocky despite how expensive it is. I say that this is perfect for special occasions such as White Day which in Japan is the day when Japanese men would give chocolate to the girl who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day as a formal gesture of thanks and gratitude.

You did bite here right? Brilliant.

I bought this at Konbiniya located down Robson St. in Downtown Vancouver. If you are curious about how this taste, then I would definitely recommend it! Quantity is extremely limited so grab it if you can! You can also try Daiso down in Aberdeen Centre. THEY HAVE SOME!

Hironobu Tsujiguchi was among 12 chocolatiers to win the highest rating of “five chocolate bars plus a star” at the fair, the world’s largest event of its kind. It was an honor to try out a Pocky stick made by him and I am sure it was an honor for Glico to work with such a talented pastry chef.

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