Quick Review: Asahi Mintia

Quick Review: Asahi Mintia

This is one odd thing I found down at Konbiniya. Apparently, Asahi known for their super dry beer and my regular drink to cool off has their own mints.

I ripped out the wrapper already when I shot this at the nearby train station. I still cannot get it out of my head that a beer manufacturer actually made mints.

It comes wrapped with standard packaging expressing that it is dry like their beer which gives off that ultra hot sensation from the mint. Plus it’s sugarless which is always a good thing.

Before I took it out of the wrapper of course.

I bought this for $1.39 because it was from their sales section and despite it being expired, I can guarantee that this still works wonders. There was only one left at the store since I bought the second last one to try and OMG it burns! But trust me you can thank me later when you need this for either that kiss with your loved one or after having food that would stink up your breath.

Back of the case pre-wrap removal. Duh.

If you are at Konbiniya next time you are down at Robson st. I highly recommend buying this rather than chewing gum because this is “super dry strong” but sadly it does not taste like beer but who cares really.

Yes! I know it’s expired but it still works!

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