Thierry – Confectioneries to Die For

Thierry – Confectioneries to Die For

Classes had ended for me and during this day, it was a special occasion for me and as a result, I was really craving sweets. As I was browsing google maps for a confectionery shop, I came across a cafe that is renowned for their counter-service shop with amazing savory fare and artisanal confection.

Located on Alberni St. which is very close to Burrard Stn. via Translink and when you walk into the area, you will notice how the area is wrapped around a bunch of exotic and expensive goods that surrounds the area. These ranges from high price range jewelry, clothing stores, and high-class restaurant and cafes. Given the characteristics of the area and with it being near Trump Tower (I’m not gonna say anything else about this but ok let’s continue) is the main reason why the cafe looks high class and modern in design. Not only is the exterior attractive and blends well with the area but even the inside is very grand and modern.

Classy exterior.

The interior of the cafe blended with the amazing customer service from its staff along with their good taste in jazz music provides a sense of class and sophistication.

Classy interior. For some reason it reminds me of some scenes from MadMen.

The price of the confectioneries is quite on the high end in my opinion but given the quality of the ingredients and skill behind it all I gotta say is “I give my complementary to the chef.”

My sweet tooth! Ah!

I ordered a tiramisu cake, two macarons (lychee and matcha) and lastly hazelnut flavor liquid chocolate. The first item I tried was the tiramisu cake and upon cutting it, I can tell that it will taste great given the consistency of the cut. There were no bits of the cake falling out and everything remained in place and upon the first bite, my taste buds exploded.  All the ingredients that were in the cake mixed very well and complemented each other perfectly. I also drank my liquid chocolate with the cake that that added an extra impact on the flavor. Given how hazelnut is my favorite flavor when it comes to mixing with chocolate, it was a great combination of flavors on my end.

Very nice presentation and trust me it’s probably the best tiramisu cake you can taste in the city.

Lastly, we have the macarons and given how I never had them before. All I gotta say is that they live up to the hype but given the price tag of most macarons I didn’t dare to try it. But given how it’s a special occasion… I say why not. As I stated before, the flavors I got were lychee and matcha. the texture feels very smooth before taking a bite and when I took a bite of it I was amazed how balanced the taste is. My friends told me that macarons are ridiculously sweet and would overpower my taste buds but in reality, the taste is very well balanced. The lychee macron is by far my favorite out of the two because despite it looking like it’s incredibly sweet, it has a very refined and balanced taste. Matcha, on the other hand, is very strong but upon careful tasting, it’s also surprisingly balanced.  

Lychee and Matcha – My personal favorites.

Overall, I love this cafe and it gave me a very impressive first impression and they do live up to their word of having renowned counter-service with savory sweets and drinks to die for. To get the full experience, I say bring your friends over and have a nice chat and enjoy the atmosphere. Also, it is highly recommended that you come here for those special occasions such as an anniversary, job promotion or to impress those clients over a cup of coffee.

Liquid chocolate goes well with everything.

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