Yuu Japanese Tapas – The Restaurant Hidden in Continental Centre

Yuu Japanese Tapas – The Restaurant Hidden in Continental Centre

Alright, yes I confess that I hang around Richmond a lot and yes I am a foodie by trade and the problem with this is that my wallet blows up in my face real fast. So, the question is that is there a place in Richmond that can provide you with more than enough food for the bang for your buck while also maintaining excellent quality and service? The answer is yes!

I am a night owl yes.

Located very close to Aberdeen Station is a gem of a restaurant that is hidden unless you walk around the area. Hidden in Continental Centre is a place called Yuu Japanese Tapas and as a suggestion, if you are gonna come here for either lunch or dinner. You better plan accordingly or wait because this place fills up fast.

Upon entering the interior of the restaurant has a very modern feel to it. In comparison to an HK cafe, it has a very inviting atmosphere with bright colors and the tables and chairs blending in quite well with the design of it all. There is also a giant television hanging on one of the walls that show Japanese variety and slice of life shows to add to the atmosphere of an HK cafe crossed over with a Japanese tapas restaurant. At the waiting area, they also have autographs from famous celebrities is a nice touch. I still have no idea where to find these autograph boards in Daiso so I tend to have celebrities sign my Hetalia autograph passport. Anyways back to the review.

Creative decorations… very very creative.
Even the cashier area is finely decorated.
You can see majority of the interior at the entrance.

This restaurant does not joke about their philosophy which is proudly presented in their menu. It states that “best ingredients make the best food. We dare Yuu to compare. Our authentic ramen broth is mode from scratch daily by our master chef. Your taste-buds will be delighted in the perfect balance of flavors and textures. Yuu also believes in full stomachs. We like to see each customer enjoy their food ‘to the fullest’. With our delicious menu and seasonal specials, we invite you to com back for more.” All I gotta say is that I completely believe in this philosophy of this restaurant and they are true to their word. YOU WILL LEAVE WITH YOUR TASTE BUDS DELIGHTED AND YOUR STOMACHS REAL FULL!

A copy of their philosophy.

Although this visit I didn’t take any photos of the ramen but I do say that it’s as good as they say it is. Despite it being a Chinese based wheat noodle soup, it’s still worth trying out because of the fusion of it all between the two nations. As a recommendation, I urge you to try out the tomato soup version as it is very different from ramen from other regions as this is truly a contemporary type of ramen.

Although I only ordered one dish, my friends took the courtesy of sending me over the shots they took of their food to show the variety that Yuu has with their menu. These dishes ranges from your agedashi tofu, chicken karaage, gyoza, don and slush drinks which in this case would be the mango calpis slush.

It’s a sweet drug.
Very very sweet mango slush!
Yes! You order one item it comes as a set! So worth the money!
I am a chicken karrage person.
Agedashi Tofu! YESSS!!!!
Gyoza gyoza gyoza!!!!

Due to my limited budget, I went for one dish only for this visit which is the pork cutlet rice with egg and onion. When you see the size of this dish you will be impressed by how much you get for the money.

For $10.50 it’s not just don! But also as a set!
No not today!

The bowl is huge, it comes with miso soup, house tea and cold water are complementary and like a Taiwan restaurant, it comes with three side dishes. OK now for the tasting…. and all I gotta say is that it has a really good taste and the ingredients mix very well together. The pork cutlet, with egg onions, seaweed and ginger is a very fine combination and the rice is also finely cooked and very easy to pick with chopsticks. Also feel free to eat it with the side dishes as well to make your taste buds feel even more delighted. During my usual visits with friends, I would tend to order mainly appetizers and share them with friends but there are times where I would order them with a rice or ramen set as well. Trust me I may look skinny but my craving and stomach are huge.

Not kidding, it comes as a set.
This is huge!

My verdict definitely come here if you want to hang out with friends! Great atmosphere, excellent customer service, great price and very generous portion size. Just watch out for the wait time and also CASH ONLY!


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