Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo 2017 at Anvil Centre

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo 2017 at Anvil Centre

Yesterday,  I attended the Retro Video Games Expo here in New Westminister and WOW I never get bored at attending this expo because there are so many things to do! This year marks my third time in attendance and no matter what I never seem to get bored.

Lots of people coming in for those retro finds!

First, there are the vendors, the prices range from ultra cheap down to the really high prices you would expect from a rare item. For example, there was a Super Famicom Box that goes for $1200 to $1500 and trusts me “there is no noble way to get this out of Nintendo’s offices.” The best deals I get are usually the ones where you would least expect. I stumbled upon a Japanese Retro Games vendor who I always tend to buy a ton of stuff from every year and I never regretted it. He is only there to help the community out by selling the Japanese imports at very reasonable prices. It literally makes me wish that we have BookOffs, HobbyOffs, and HardOffs here because they sell stuff for ultra cheap and in really excellent condition because in Japan people take good care of their stuff.

My finds for cheap! I did not pay a fortune for these CIBS! Now I just need a protective plastic case for these! Also, shout out to The Runaway Four! Their tunes are amazing!


Tennis No Ojisama

Another thing is that those deals are insane at times, not as insane as Portland Retro Games Expo but they are quite insane. Games can go as low as $5 down to $1 to at a very rare time FREE! I got a damn Gamecube with no cables, wires, and controllers for free because it is untested and not confirmed to be working. It is a very good way to build up your collection really fast for me this is a very good thing because throughout my childhood I was dirt poor and couldn’t afford any games. So I went nuts on a run and grabbed all the games I wanted and “cashed out” personally winning big on games I always wanted in my collection.


Other than the vendors, I also got to meet some really cool people. For example, I met Connor “Bitcouver” Ashton who is a huge chiptune enthusiast as am I! But yeah! We geeked out on chiptune music and especially stuff made by Studio Megane. I will definitely be checking his stuff out in the near future. Seriously being a Vancouverite myself it is great to hear that he is the ONLY chiptune podcaster here and I met him personally! He also airs on CJSF (90.1 FM) in here in Vancouver at my campus which is SFU and streams on SoundCloud so do give him a check out to support the scene!


This year Terry Diebold, the owner of the only known Sony – Nintendo Playstation Prototype is here to give us Vancouverites a look, play and feel of the prototype and OMG that build quality is amazing. The plastic is silky smooth and it is funny to see Playstation smacked right onto the Super Famicom controller. I really wish Ben Heck was here as well so he can nonstop rant about every bit of hardware that thing has and his experience with troubleshooting it. Anyways, it was awesome seeing, playing and touching it and not to mention getting a photo of me holding the controller and the prototype itself. YASSS!!!!!

In the flesh!
Closer look at the prototype.
It feels really smooth and premium!
Would be cool if these were mass produced.
Only cartridges work but sadly only plays music CDs for discs.
Very boxy in design and looks incredibly solid.
Homebrew and the prototype cartridge.
Standard layout in the back.
You gotta play on it to say you actually tried it.
Feel sorry for Terry. Dude is in his 60s and was getting his back tanned. At least they moved him to the retro computers club area after this.
More homebrew.
Reshot because of the cut off from the previous photo.
Played it!
and held it! Thxs Terry!

When you are out of things to do down at the main vendor’s hall, there was also an artist alley you can visit to get some sweet gaming swag made by local artists. There is also a tournament hall where you can fight against local competitors on Street Fighter, Goldeneye, Dr. Mario, Puzzle Fighter, Mario Kart and a lot more. Lastly, there is also the Freeplay gaming hall where you can sit down, relax and play games with friends while listening to some sweet tunes down at the performance hall. Shoutout to The Runaway Four for the amazing closing music performance at the expo! It is great to see people who are trained in music show their love for gaming through music! YEAH!

Keeps you thinking.
Tournament role call! “Present!” “Where is this guy! OK disqualified!”
I love playing with these candy cabs! I might own one when I move out!

Anyways I hope this quick article hyped everyone up for next year because I will be coming back next year as well! Happy hunting!

Kazuma N. Kiryu signing off!

My 2017 Retro Games Expo MASTER HAUL!

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