What’s It Like to Feel That You Have Found “The One”

What’s It Like to Feel That You Have Found “The One”

First of all, I am deeply sorry for not posting anything on the blog lately as I was not in a state of mind or even the health to write anything at all. But now, I feel that it is the time that I express what needs to be expressed and I hope that people would at least take this as an op-ed of my thoughts.

Being in love is truly a great feeling, for anyone that has been through love before understands this greatly and I ain’t no different. Being in love provides you with a feeling of hope that you will be able to push through all boundaries with someone being there for you no matter where you are such as if you are working in another country, not living together and only talk for a few minutes a day. Then truly, you have something special because no matter what happens, you will know that someone will always be there for you.

However, what most people don’t realize is that love is only figuratively one stage. The stage before this would be having a crush on someone and at that stage, you would do what you can to help that person through anything. By anything, I actually mean anything you can think of. This could include but not limited to helping a person out when they’re sick, advising them to take care of their body, small tasks such as staying with them and act as their counselor, letting them know that they have someone there to talk to them and the list is endless. What I’m trying to say is that you should treat them like a normal person and not as a tool or as an object because that person you have a crush on, they’re human like you and me.

Alright, so far I had explained what my thoughts are on having a crush on someone and what it’s like to be in love. There is however, one thing that I believe should deserve to be in a completely separate category on its own and that is truly being (or believe to be) with the one. This is a very tough category and I believe that this needs to be discussed either in dialogue or through in-depth discussion. Believing that you have truly found the one is a very tough stage because no matter what things can go either way (break or propose). The feeling of finding that one person you want to settle with is a very big step forward and that feeling is MUCH deeper than being in love.Being in love is falling for each other and having a relationship that is more intimate than a friendship. However, being “the one” is a completely different story. You take the whole relationship seriously and do whatever you can to help one another which ranges from worrying about your significant other’s well-being (physical and mental), health (physical and mental), education, appearance, future, mental stability and the list is completely endless. You don’t do this out of purely for selfish reason or personal gain NO none of that because that isn’t true love and the only reason why you would take a relationship seriously is that you want to be with this person for the rest of your life. There is a reason why you slipped that promise or engagement ring on their finger, there is a reason why you kiss that person good morning and goodnight every single day (real life or virtual), buy them presents or make them gifts and surprise them at random times when least expected (random kisses to the forehead, cheek, neck, lips, etc.). But the most important thing of all is learning the skills that are essential to taking care of each other and both you and your significant other MUST contribute. I CANNOT emphasize enough about this!

Arguments will ensue and no matter how pathetic the argument is, just remember that promise that was made when you both believe you were meant for each other. Believe me, if you think that arguments are avoidable for life well its life. Never cower and take the easy way out because that won’t solve anything and only leaves scars. Humans are social creatures we laugh, eat, play games together, walk around together and of course, we debate and argue with each other and that’s all normal. We aren’t computers who are emotionless and only calculates the best percentage of success. YOU! A person who is strongly connected with your significant other, you would feel their pain, joy, depression, excitement and other emotions because your bond is so strong that you are tethered to them with an invisible cord. Think of it as a red ribbon that remains bound to each other but you couldn’t see it. (No! I am NOT talking about Jumin Han’s obsession with red ribbons!)

Art by DeviKazuki (DeviantArt)

Overall, I hope that everyone would eventually find that special someone who you would mutually and equally take care of each other for the rest of your days. Romantic relationships should not be one sided where one side is doing everything and the other just sitting there doing nothing and waiting for that person to shower them with their love. It’s all about equivalent exchange and without it would lead to an imbalance and that just isn’t what true love is.


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