MUJI Metrotown Grand Opening

MUJI Metrotown Grand Opening

OK! I know it has been over a week since MUJI opened at Metrotown but that does not mean that I don’t have anything to say. Even after a week since its grand opening, there is still a lot of people lining up to get inside which shows you how popular this Japanese brand is. Also, just to let you know I waited for 10 mins to get in and 10 mins to pay for my haul and get out so, it isn’t as bad as the first day as people waited hours to get in and out in the hot sun as well.

That is one huge line up!
Yeah… everyone is crammed at the stationary section.

First of all, you might all ask what exactly is MUJI? MUJI or (無印良品 Mujirushi Ryōhin) is a Japanese retail chain of stores that sell a wide variety of household and consumer goods. These ranges from furniture, cosmetics, cookware, food items, clothing, stationery and much more.

Cuckoo Clocks. Very satisfying sound.
Acrylic Cases!
For your testing needs.
Organic cotton shoes. Also waterproof.
Useful for those long bus, plane or car rides or even at home.
Yes they sell cookware too.
TSA approved luggages.
Home essentials.
We need more of their furniture line up.
Plant an aroma diffuser on the right side and we are golden for work.
Very simple to assemble. Strong enough to be a TV rack as well.
One day that very special someone will cook for me. One day.
Wait is this where my friends got my chopsticks from when she came back from Japan!
Hmm… very fine quality wood.
Cool but expensive!
Travel tags for your backpack.

Their goal is to offer cheap no brand (無印 Mujirushi) quality goods (良品 Ryōhin) to the public while also cutting down on waste production thus their minimalist characteristics of the products which are based on Bauhaus design (possible future blog post about this topic later). In addition, the company also spends little money on advertisements as it gains popularity through word of mouth. Personally, this is very true to my eye as I barely see any advertisements for the store other than what I saw at Metrotown. It gave me a huge shock however since I fell in love with the brand when I was in Japan and now to finally be able to see it here in Lower Mainland, BC is a huge win to MUJI lovers here.

An endless supply of pens. None sold out.
Reasonable. Slightly cheaper than Daiso and higher quality too.
I’m still waiting for the erasable ones to come here!
Some items are promoted but not all are sold here.
Also very endless supply. Restocks every few minutes.
Everyone crowds at the stationary section and no where else!
Just in case you cannot get into the main stationary section which is really small!

During my time at the Metrotown location, I ended up with roughly $150 CAD haul which consisted of a paper shredder, fountain pen, pen case, card case, bus pass case, mini note books, acrylic case, and tape measure. I passed on the clothing as I am not in need of any new wardrobe updates at the moment plus, I gotta check out Uniqlo‘s clothing first before I finalize my decision on what to get. You might be questioning me on why I did not buy any of the pens that everyone dies for. Welp, the truth is that I actually attended their pop-up store event when they were opened temporarily at the Fairmount Pacific Rim. Also, shout out to my cashier Emily Li for smoothly handling the busy crowd of MUJI lovers.

This is what $150 CAD looks like before I brought it home.
My wallet!

OK, so here is the point where I get to the “my two cents” of having the store here in Canada and I do have a few but it’s not because of their product which is amazing by the way so I am not complaining. My main gripe here would be how over-inflated a few of the products are due to how bad our current economy is. Our dollar is drastically worse than the USD and it definitely hurts our wallets when we buy anything and that also includes MUJI products. In Japan, the prices of the products are really cheap and in addition, the quality is also very excellent. As a supporter of the brand and with the hopes of our economic recovery, I am praying that MUJI will have a bright future here in BC as we see more condominiums being built in the near future for our increasing population. By this, I mean MUJI‘s furniture line which I hope will make a more grand appearance when the Robson store opens in the near future as it will certainly help with future movers such as myself to be able to live in a compact living quarters. That is of course as long as our high cost of living doesn’t destroy us first of course.

Start of line up to cashier.
Mid way through cashier line up.
I got out alive!

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