Analytic Data – Revisited

Analytic Data – Revisited

Last semester in PUB 101 I learned about how analytics is the pinnacle of getting to know our visitors and this remains true even to this day. Ever since last semester, I had been using analytic data from google to track what exactly my audience is interested in and keeping track of their behavior. Of course there is the usual tendency of annoying bots invading the data but that can’t be avoided because these bots are simply mining our data and projecting it to the world to see if they ever find it through search results that is. Plus bots are bots so no one really understands what they are doing and only the programmers know their true intentions. But yeah, analytic data can be found on any social media platform and website we use provided that we install google analytics onto the websites we manage. Plus it is critical that we practice this now because in the future most of our careers will revolve around social media and data analytic analysis to help figure out the audience and getting to the meat of what our core audience is based on different factors and categories.

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