Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Upon having Book Riot’s Amanda Nelson being our guest speaker via Skype session it was interesting to hear her experience about establishing community guidelines and moderating comments to ensure everyone is safe and welcome.

Personally, I did not realize that these kinds of communities required guidelines which I find to be quite reasonable because of trolls and hate speeches that might ensure to scare away some members of the community. Now I am being asked about establishing community guidelines for my blog which I eventually might have to do in the future. My only guideline would be that people should respect the writers views and opinions along with others in a respectable manner when it comes to commenting because some people might just post a comment just to troll and walk away. This is due to the disinhibition effect where basically the person is hiding behind an pseudonym and we don’t know who exactly the person is so they find it funny to leave something offensive for lolz and just run away.

This is probably one of the only guidelines that I will apply to my blog but if anything else were to ensue then I will update my guidelines accordingly to make sure no one gets offended or hurt thus why I decided to leave my comments moderated so that I can review them and approve of them and at time reject because of its offensiveness.

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