Google Analytics – Personal Data Analysis + Emoji Potion

Google Analytics – Personal Data Analysis + Emoji Potion

For those who doesn’t know, this blog is tracked by the Orwellian eyes known as Google Analytics. A service that captures data of its visitors ranging from how long you stay on my blog, where you go from there, where you came from, your country of origin, your IP address yeah you get the point.

Judging from the data it is obvious when I am posting my posts because people view it whenever I post something new. However, a very noticeable spike in visitors occurs when I share the posts on my social media page which currently is mainly just on Facebook. According to my analytic data, it is revealed that most of the people that are checking out my blog posts derived from Facebook which is my regular and go to social media service to be sharing my life.

Upon seeing this, I am now wondering what would happen if I share my blog posts on other social media platforms. Recently, I had been obsessed with using Instagram due to its cool filters and its more engaging because it represents polaroids from back in the day. Wait what do I mean back in the day, even now people still uses em except that Instagram is the digital version. I have a Twitter account as well but sadly, I do not use it a much don’t kill me please Twitter fans! But due to its reliance on hashtags, I wonder what would happen if I use the correct hashtags for my blog posts. Will it actually help me generate more visitors to the post? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Lastly, my instructor requested us to do an emoji potion or recipe, sorry poor memory on what it means to us. So my emoji potion/ recipe would be this  😍 😍 😍 😘😘😵😵😴😴. It might not make sense to anyone but since this is my potion, I will explain it. Since I am a university student and I am crazy in love at the moment, I bring to you the emoji potion known as “crazy in love but I am too tired to care potion.” Sorry but as a university student, I don’t have time for this thus this potion.

UPDATE: Why is there a Trump thing on my analytics data?

No Trump! You’re Fired!

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