Improv Is Key To Any Pitch

Improv Is Key To Any Pitch

Think of it this way, in life is anything scripted and the answer to this would be a big fat no. Last week we had Patrick Pennefather from the Centre for Digital Media pay us a visit giving us tips on how to be more confident in our storytelling and pitches.

The one main key that I picked up would be to be skilled at improvisation. Sure you can plan some scripted events but for those juicy moments where you need your audience to be engaged. There really isn’t a way to make that scripted. You can plan it like a screenplay and have the public react to the scenarios you push for.

Improvisation is a skill that takes time to perfect and that is the exact same for public speaking. Not all of us are naturally good at public speaking so the best thing to do is to breathe but not just normally breathe but you got to learn to control your breathing while you are presenting. Without knowing how to breathe while publically speaking can be dangerous because it can break a stellar presentation down to the ground.

So, next time you present perhaps pay close attention to how you are breathing and if you can’t do that then practice during your own time. Also not to mention a very good tip from Mr. Pennefather be an opera singer and train your voice through warm-ups of your voice so that it is easier for you to speak to panelists. TED speakers and instructors do this so why can’t we?


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