Incorporating More Transmedia Integration Plan

Incorporating More Transmedia Integration Plan

Transmedia integration is deemed as an essential component on spreading your brand and Pokemon is a master at doing this because it went from card games, video games, television shows and now even in our smartphones. As a blogger, I have to figure out how to integrate more transmedia onto my blog posts and how to effectively have it benefit me to gain more followers, better tell a story and improving my SEO.

In the past couple of posts I had done some integration with YouTube videos I had an interest on over the net to help me clarify and to connect with it more effectively than just describing it with just plain words because nowadays people are not too fond of reading bundles of texts on a screen. All that really does is irritate the readers and making them not wanting to stay on your blog / website any longer because you are simply boring the crap out of them. This is easily relatable to any student in post-secondary when it comes to reading academic readings where it is literally nothing but tiny texts packed with complex theories and repetitive amounts of examples that makes an already dry article much more harder to read.

As I continue to improve on managing this blog, I am hoping to have more transmedia integration because it really helps the reader to understand what you are trying to say and where you are drawing your points from. Plus it also helps to tell a better story like for example when I was talking about the Nintendo Switch, I incorporated the trailer for it along with snippets from it below and above the fold to help provide pacing for those who are reading. The eyes needs rest from the huge amounts of texts that are on the article and it also provides a good idea of what I am saying when a person decides to just skim through the huge amounts of texts that they are being bombarded with.

An excellent example of this would be how for The Hunger Games films, they created a campaign that uses transmedia integration to help promote the film. The campaign went viral and eventually breached between the branches of fiction and reality. The video provided below provides the details on how this campaign used Transmedia Integration to promote the film.

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