Pitching in a Shark Tank / Dragon’s Den Like Environment

Pitching in a Shark Tank / Dragon’s Den Like Environment

Alright, this was a very fun presentation overall where I had to pitch my services to a panel which consists of Aoife Mac Namara, Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, SFU and Sarah Lubik, Director of Entrepreneurship, SFU; Steve Burgess, commentator, journalist, author.

This was a very nervewracking experience since I had never pitched my ideas out to a panel before but I somehow did it. All you got to do really is to just be who your brand is which is quite easy for me since I am literally selling myself out to the panelists as my lifestyle blog is about my life as an Asian – Canadian living in GVRD.

I planned a set of scripted events but in reality, I did not really follow it as I seemed to go with the flow so I was following Patrick Pennefather’s tips on improv which really rallied up the panelists. The Pocky I implemented into the pitch was great as it allowed the panelists first hand experience on how I do things. Lastly, the critiques which you need to take seriously and accept it no matter how harsh it may sound because in reality, panelists will on purposely pressure you to see if you choke and if you are confident enough they will grant you funding or whatever you asked for.

Overall, the presentations were great and the class was great as I now have a toolbox of things I can do to prepare myself to make money and project myself professionally in cyberspace. My future plan is to use my knowledge and start on a career on YouTube where I make videos on retro-gaming and possibly on Twitch because as a gamer, I am really passionate about this and I play with passion too.

Lastly, I would like to thank instructors Suzanne Norman and Trevor Battye for their continued support and enthusiasm that was placed on this course and I look forward to being in another class with them again as I continue on with my Publishing Minor. 

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