Peer Review #3: Ms. Mandy Tse

Peer Review #3: Ms. Mandy Tse

Today, I have the opportunity to provide peer review for Ms. Mandy Tse on her blog called “Through My Eyes – In The World of Mandy Tse.” From what I can tell from the title of the blog, it is similar to mine as it is seen from the title and in her about section she states that she would like to share my adventures, stories, thoughts, favorite things, and basically my life as a nineteen-year-old living in beautiful British Columbia. Given her description of her blog and based on the things that she posts on her blog, it contains high potential when it comes to generating ad revenue.

I am stating this from just reading her recipe for Kabocha Squash and Sweet Potato Soup which provides detailed instructions on how to make the dish. Being a person who cooks his own dishes as well and in a what if situation that I am also an internet marketer who is looking forward to generate ad revenue from this recipe post then I would actually call you up and offer you a chance to generate revenue from posts similar to this one Ms. Tse.

Another thing I would like to say is that due to the posts being very limited and judging from what I see, if Ms. Tse continues to create posts such as recipes and talking about fashion trends can actually generate a lot of traffic because a lot of girls and some guys like myself are following fashion blogs and posts. Before I forget, also note that I am also a home cook who is itching to find new recipes to try. In accordance to the about section, if you separate your posts into separate categories like you are doing now and continue to commit to generating content for this blog other than the academic process posts that all of us are posting per week. Then yes, I see a lot of potential on this blog to be able to generate a lot of ad revenue.

Overall, despite there being little content I can see that there is a huge potential on this blog being great with ad revenue agencies and generating Google money. Like what Will.I.Am says “I make Google money! That’s a lot of clicks!” So yes if you are reading this Ms. Tse please try to find the time to commit to making more content for your blog as there is a lot of potential in making this blog great. Upon seeing posts about Ms. Tse’s life experience, I believe that in accordance to the 2016 Internet Trends Report, by Mary Meeker “Smartphone usage is increasing and thus camera + storytelling + creativity + Messaging / Sharing” you can use your camera to capture and then connect them with your images that talks about your life. The report also states that ads like video ads are more appealing to those who finds it to be more authentic if the images look unaltered and seem to be shot in real time. So do consider, doing this and integrate photos that you took personally into your life posts. I didn’t see this until later on because it wasn’t in your menu so do try to look into fixing that. But overall, good effort with a lot of marketing potential to generate ad revenue.

To check out Mandy Tse’s site please click here.

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